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Saturday, June 24th.

Join us for the public unveiling – and tasting! – of the award-winning wines, spirits, beer and extra virgin olive oil of the Los Angeles International Competitions. Set at the Farm at Fairplex, the evening offers guests a casual romp through the world by way of glass or stein.


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And the medal goes to...

The 2017 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition received 600 extra virgin olive oils from 369 producers.  There were a total of 7 Best of Show Awards, 21 Best of Class Awards, 131 Gold Medal Awards, 166 Silver Medal Awards, and 89 Bronze Medal Awards. Olio di Dievole, Coratina, Italy received the Marco Mugelli Award.  Olio di Dievole has received the Marco Mugelli Award a record setting three years in a row.  The 2017 competition received extra virgin olive oils from Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey, the Uruguay and the United States.

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Winners download 2017 Medals below:

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Thanks to all of the participating Olive Oil Producers

"We all know that the production of olive oil is dependent on Nature. Some years are better than others due to climatological factors and producers must work around what Nature gives them. The harvest of 2016 was a difficult one both in Europe and in California. But even with difficulties, some producers have made out better than others. This, I think, has to do with better equipment and technology. I am convinced that with oil production, the more advanced the technology, the better the resulting oil. It is nice to contemplate the "traditional" methods of production, but in reality, the most modern and up-to-date technology produces better oil with cleaner flavors and more longevity. Filtration of the newly extracted oil helps preserve cleaner flavors with the added benefit of longer shelf life.
Although extra virgin olive oil production has basic premises for its production, much like wine making, it should be considered a craft raised to the level of an art. Every harvest is different and the millers must be able to work with both positive and negative factors in each harvest.  A year that will produce perfect oil rarely comes around. So that millers must compensate, through experience, with harvest that are less aromatic or less fruity, being able to produce fine balanced oils when nature is parsimonious. This is where experience and advanced technology play an important role in quality production.  We are already looking forward to harvest 2018 and what it will produce!"

 -Darrell Corti, Chairman of the Competition