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The West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show, the West’s largest all military collectibles event is always, a noteworthy weekend for Southern California collectors! Hundreds of premium militaria dealers from around the country offer a large variety of intriguing items for both the discerning collector and the beginning novice.
This high quality, stream-lined, all-militaria format truly makes The West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Shows a must for a wide variety of dealers. Offering a higher caliber of unique militaria antiques and collectibles gives collectors more than ample opportunity to hold a true piece of history in their hands. Set up in a super-sized building at The Fairplex, home of the popular Los Angeles County Fair, it’s easy to see how they are able to offer such a large and diverse selection of militaria antiques from all time periods and countries – all very well represented. ALL under ONE huge roof, for TWO full days!
This is a super outing for the whole family to enjoy and there are always a good number of new and experienced collectors in attendance. This show certainly encourages even the youngest among us to take an interest in history – what a great way to welcome kids into a world of collecting! There is much to be seen over the weekend; from military history displays, quality re-enactors, and a good number of historical military vehicles! Also not to be missed is the military themed costume contest held on Saturday, as always there are some stellar entries from true history buffs!
The West Coast Historical Militaria Collectors Show is going to be upgrading its current format (from twice a year in May and November) to a single, MUCH larger event each May. The first event of this magnitude will be held this coming May 10th an 11th, 2013 at Fairplex, now in Expo Building #4; some may remember this building as being the largest available indoor space at Fairplex, back in those old Great Western Gun Show days (at 105,600 sq. ft, it’s HUGE!). The show promoters have vowed to focus considerable effort on promoting and growing the new event and there was a palpable excitement from dealers about making this change. This will surely prove to be an even better event – you will not want to miss it! And as a dealer, how could you ask for a better 2013 annual show calendar than heading to Kentucky in late February for Show of Shows, swinging into So. California for The West Coast Militaria Show on May 10 & 11, then bringing it full circle in October with The MAX show in Pennsylvania, sounds like a well-rounded year for any military dealer!
Bring the entire family to commemorate military history! Friday May 10 10am-6pm & Sat 9am-5pm (no Sunday hrs). Adults $7, Kids $2 (under 5 free) - active military always FREE during general entry (with military ID)! As always, there are no firearms or ammunitions allowed at our events! Visit our website for all the details