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Marketing & Public Relations

Fairplex is more than a location. We’re your event partner!

Most venues are just a site for your event. We go beyond that, providing the expert services of our award-winning marketing and public relations staff. We are committed to maximizing news media exposure and event attendance – your keys to success.

Our staff works closely with event producers to promote more than 500 year-round events at Fairplex . We are familiar with Southern California media, messaging and marketing strategies that consistently attract more than 3 million attendees.

Market Area

  • 20 million people in the diverse Southern California market
  • Active, educated, affluent market with high interest in entertainment and events
  • Proven track record of attendee demographics that mirrors the L.A. market
None of the following marketing and communication services offered by Fairplex are designed nor should they be considered a client or vendor’s only marketing effort.  These items are intended as support to enhance or compliment an existing primary marketing program and cannot be solely relied upon to generate sales or attendance as we make no guarantees as to the response or results of these efforts.

Media & Public Relations Support

  • Distribution of promoter-created press release to local print an online media  on appropriate date timed to event and inclusion in Fairplex’s online newsroom. Fairplex’s PR team can assist with creation of press release if needed.
  • Fairplex PR team will pitch LA general and ethnic media (print, tv and/or radio) for high-priority events as determined by Sales and Marketing/Public Relations case by case.
  • Standard inclusion on Fairplex’s online event calendars, updated regularly.
  • Standard inclusion in monthly calendar alerts sent to the local media outlets (includes LA, OC, Riverside and San Bernardino publications, TV and radio news desks – general and ethnic media).
  • Standard posting update to third-party online “Things To Do” event calendars such as Events Crazy, Eventful,, Yahoo calendar, etc.
  • Standard inclusion in Fairplex issued media alerts (sent out week of event when applicable).
For VIP clients and vendors with enough lead time (min. 30-45 days), Fairplex Public Relations can discuss media exclusive arrangements such as staging media premiere events and exclusive promotional activities to generate earned media exposure related to an event’s launch.

Social Media Support

  • Fairplex Facebook event page created on case by case basis depending on nature of client event.
  • Standard inclusion on Fairplex Facebook event page.
  • Standard scheduled posts for all social media platforms:
    • Facebook: 2 posts total
    • Twitter: 5 posts total
  • Standard inclusion in Fairplex blog (when applicable).
  • 2 e-blasts to our proprietary subscribers list (37,000 contacts) 2 weeks prior to event.

Advertising Support

  • 10 freeway digital board – one of up to 30 slides in rotation.
  • Standard rotation on Fairplex campus entry digital billboard at the intersection of Fairplex and McKinley Ave. 2 weeks prior to and during event run. 
  • OPTIONAL: Fairplex Marketing Department can work with all clients to discuss and/or negotiate additional marketing and advertising support on a case-by-case basis, capitalizing on our relationships with local media.  Fees to be paid by event promoter.

Community Relations

(offered at MarCom’s discretion, case-by-case, advance approval required.)
These are proprietary Fairplex relationships that consist of local city officials, school districts, community leaders and other community based organizations.
  • Flyer distribution requests.
  • Local municipality outreach and communications.
  • Requests for information sharing or posting on community or municipal resources.

Contact Us

(909) 865-4041

1101 W. McKinley Ave.

P.O. Box 2250
Pomona,CA 91769-2250
(909) 623-3111
(909) 623-9599 Fax

All support is discussed with clients in advance and any and all commitments for support are at the discretion of Fairplex.