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Jun 03, 2013 - 15, 2013


Location: Fairplex, Millard Sheets Center for the Arts

The Cal Poly Pomona art department is proud to announce poly-kroma: an exciting series of exhibitions sponsored by the College of Environmental Design, featuring art work from students, graduating seniors and alumni of the art department. The event will showcase art and design excellence with the goals of promotion, networking and recruitment. All exhibits will be held at the Millard Sheets Center for the Arts at Fairplex. Sign up to receive updates on how you may participate!

Included in this big art event will be:
An Alumni Show • 2012–2013 Senior Show • Spectrum Industry Connections Night • Future Student Night

• An Opening and Closing Reception

Admission and parking are free.  Parking is at Gate 1.

Mon., June 3: 12 - 4pm
Tues., June 4: 12 - 4pm
Wed., June 5: 12 - 4pm
Thurs., June 6: 12 - 4pm
Fri., June 7: 12 - 4 pm, Opening Reception 6 - 9pm
Sat., June 8: 12 - 4pm
Sun., June 9: 12 - 4pm
Mon., June 10: 12 - 4pm
Tues., June 11: 2 - 9pm, Industry Night and Alumni Show
Wed., June 12: 12 - 4pm
Thurs., June 13: 12 - 4pm, Future Student Night 6 - 9 pm
Fri., June 14: 12 - 4pm
Sat., June 15: 3 - 5pm, Graduation Reception

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