About Los Angeles International Beer Competition

Information: The Los Angeles International Beer Competition recognizes the finest in beers. Celebrating its 20th year, our event rivals other contests with an esteemed judging panel, an exciting tasting event held in the summer and a comprehensive public education program during the LA County Fair.

The beer competition partners with the renowned wine, spirits and extra virgin olive oil competitions each year. For 80 years, our competitions have showcased the finest vintages, distilled beverages and extra virgin olive oils from countries throughout the world, and illustrated time and time again why the Los Angeles International Competitions are considered the most prestigious. Our rich history is a strong foundation upon which we are building with greater consumer outreach. We look forward to your participation in this great event.

The Los Angeles County Fair Association guarantees greater exposure for the winning entries offering consumers access to some of the world's finest brews.

General Requirements: Open to any licensed brewery or brewpub. All beers entered must be available for sale to the general public. Beers may be entered only by a representative of the brewery.

Entry Requirements: Entries may be submitted in bottles, cans, or kegs with a minimum of either six (6) bottles of less than 22 oz. or four (4) bottles of 22 oz. or more; or one keg with an American Sanke fitting. Each beer may be entered in only one category. Breweries may enter as many entries as they desire.

Beers Received: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm; Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - Friday, April 10, 2020
Closed Judging: April 18 - 19, 2020
LA County Fair: (public tasting) September 4 - September 27, 2020

How to Enter: For early bird ‐ entry forms must be postmarked on or before Friday, March 13, 2020. Entry forms must be postmarked by Friday, March 27, 2020

Entry Fee: Early bird entry $55.00 per entry postmarked on or before March 13, 2020 and $65.00 per entry after March 13, 2020. Entry fee to be submitted with entry form. Make checks payable to Fairplex.

Tasting:A selection of award‐winning breweries will be contacted by Spectra to purchase their award‐winning beer for tasting during the LA County Fair in our Marketplace.

Awards: Three medals; Gold, Silver, and Bronze are possible in each category. In the event any category receives insufficient entries, beers will be judged individually on their own merits. Awards for each class may or may not be given. One Best of Show will be selected from all entries.

Return of Kegs: Every effort will be made to return kegs promptly through local distributors. If other arrangements are required (such as return by UPS), the brewery is responsible for any costs that may be incurred. The LA County Fair Association and Fairplex will assume no liability for lost kegs.

Storage: Beers will be kept in cold storage (below 40 Fahrenheit) until time of judging. Beers may be chilled (or allowed to warm); if there are specific instructions, please indicate on entry form.

Labels: Please ensure that each bottle/can/keg is labeled with your brewery name and beer name. If a commercial label is already on your bottle/can/keg and the brewery name and beer name are present then there is no need to add an additional label. Note: The judges will not see any bottle/can/keg so there is no need to remove any commercial label. Additionally, there is no need to add any additional information on your bottle/can/keg, as any special instructions etc. will be provided to the judges in a separate document. Our competition labels are computer generated with the information provided from your entry form. During the check in process we will match your entries to your entry form and affix the competition label that includes the division and class information.

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