Local Talent Application

Applications are being accepted now. Stages are booked on a first-come first-served basis, based on availability, type of performance and stage availability. Groups that we cannot immediately accommodate will be placed on a Waiting List.

Show Length: 30 Minutes

Due to the stage format and acoustics, the only bands we will be able to accommodate are school concert bands, jazz ensembles and acoustics acts. All other bands will not be considered.

Show Length: 30 Minutes

Special Access Needs

Stage Preference & Performance Dates

Indicate the stage that best suits your group. You may check more than one if applicable, however groups will be booked for only one performance. If no stage is indicated, we will select what we feel is most appropriate.

Available Stages

Please note the stage times above, then select your date and time preferences. Indicating only a date – not a time – implies availability for the entire day. Stating only “pm” implies availability any time from 12 p.m. – closing. Please provide us with your window of availability for each listed date.

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By submitting this form, your group understands all limitations and stipulations as stated in this packet. Your group certifies that all information provided is true and accurate. Your group understands that the sole decision for selection, scheduling, and booking rests with the LA County Fair Entertainment Department; any application may be rejected for any reason deemed necessary. All information is subject to change.

Your group acknowledges that the Fair has the right to use your groups trademarks, logos, and names for use in connection with the Fair and the performances, including all promotional materials, guides, websites, and the like. Your group allows the Fair the right to photograph and film this event and all participants, and to use any pictures, footage, video, sound clips, silhouettes, and other reproductions of the physical likenesses of those participants in any public relations, news media, or advertising materials for the Fair without compensation.

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