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Fairtime Education
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As our program has grown we want to accommodate as many participants as possible while providing a quality experience. In order to give more people a chance to attend our field trip we will enforce a LIMIT OF ONE VISIT per student.

The LA County Fair (LACF) is The World's Largest Classroom — where there is a new discovery around every corner.

The FairKids Field Trip Program allows students and teachers to enjoy an interactive educational experience, or what we call A Day Full of Learning Cleverly Disguised as Fun!

Why FairKids?

  • It’s Free! There is no cost for students, teachers and chaperones – courtesy of The Learning Centers at Fairplex
  • Opens at 9 a.m. (three hours before the public) for school children to participate in controlled fun and educational activities
  • Curriculum aligns with California State Department of Education standards. Free and current educational curriculum for each exhibit is posted in May so that you and your chaperones can easily educate students through our self-guided tours of the LA County Fair.
    • All LA County Fair exhibits aligned with California State Department of Education standards are open during FairKids Field Trips.
    • Curriculum is grade-level and subject specific so they fit easily into existing classroom goals and objectives.
  • If you're looking to beat the crowd, the first week of FairKids has the lowest attendance.

FairKids Field Trips are Wednesdays through Fridays (Sept. 5 – Sept. 21) excluding the first Thursday (Sept. 6). Reservations are required for all field trips.

For more information please select the link that best matches your class:

*All registrations for 2018 FairKids are full, please visit us early next year to make reservations for the 2019 FairKids Field Trips.

Encouraging Students to Read

The Read to Ride Program is a special reward program for kids in grades K through 8 who read books over the summer. Kids will receive free carnival ride vouchers good at the 2018 LA County Fair Carnival. *Note Carnival rides will not be open during Field Trips. Rides do not open until 12:00pm.