Fairplex has called the cities of Pomona and La Verne its home since 1922. We enjoy engaging with our community through our year-round events and programs. This includes connecting on any issues that may arise from these events.

Open and ongoing communication is important to us and to aid us in providing a quick response to immediate questions, we have created the Neighborhood Response System (NRS). For more information on this process, please see Neighborhood Response System section.

For information and materials regarding the zoning changes that have been discussed with the City of Pomona, please view our Zoning Changes section.

To learn more about the Specific Plan process please refer to the Specific Plan section of our website.

A printed monthly letter is sent to inform our closest neighbors about events on our grounds and notify of any updates that may affect them. Please see below for recent communication that has been sent to our closest neighbors.

Neighborhood Response System (NRS)

(909) 263-3304

Neighbors are encouraged to call, text or email regarding events or issues on our campus (i.e. suspicious activity, water leak, lighting issues, noise, etc.). All these actions will be directed to the NRS (Neighborhood Response System) to streamline communication and allow for a quicker response.

Please note this number is only for issues and concerns of immediate need. If you have a question about upcoming events such as where to park, cost of admission, concert dates, please use the general information number, (909) 623-3111, or visit our website

While our intent is to promptly answer each call, email, or text, there may be times when the NRS team member cannot answer immediately. Please be sure to submit your contact information and the details of your concern and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will be tracking concerns to anticipate issues and identify areas where we can be more proactive in mitigating any impact to our surrounding community.

Keeping Our Community Informed

  • A monthly neighborhood newsletter is mailed to over 600 surrounding residents providing event schedules, important notices, and other relevant community information.
  • Neighborhood Response System (NRS) — a community communication portal for neighbor feedback.
  • Important notices are posted on social media platforms to keep guests and the community informed of important updates such as Gate closures during peak event times.
  • Fairplex Townhall Forums, open to the community, are hosted to provide information, updates, and receive feedback from members for the surrounding area.
  • Neighbor-specific events are hosted to help promote a sense of community and communication.
  • Fairplex participates in community economic development forums hosted by local Chambers of Commerce and similar organizations to assist in economic development and conversation.

Traffic Mitigation

  • Our parking team conducts sound and traffic checks to study and advise on sound and traffic mitigation efforts.
  • Staff work with local police departments during large-scale events as they help mitigate traffic through actions such as increasing traffic control officers and deploying neighborhood signage in surrounding areas.
  • Our ticketing system encourages guests to pre-purchase tickets to help speed up the parking process and help prevent long admission lines.
  • Specific Rideshare vehicle drop-off entrances are created for high-traffic events.
    • LA County Fair Rideshare vehicle drop-off is at Gate 7 on White Ave.
  • For large scale events, Fairplex partners with Right of Way Inc., a traffic control service, to help direct traffic and lessen congestion.
  • Fairplex encourages use of public transit:
    • Partners with Metrolink for discount rates for Fair guests
    • Expansion Public Transit access to Fairplex grounds
      • The Metro Foothill Extension, slated for 2025-2028 completion, would provide direct drop-off to Fairplex grounds for visiting guests, decreasing the amount of vehicle traffic in the area.

Zoning Changes

On July 29, 2019, the Pomona City Council voted to pass an agreement between Fairplex and the City of Pomona that will guide Fairplex development over the next few years.

There are three main components to the Agreement that were passed:

  • Joint Plan – It establishes a joint planning process in which the City, County and Fairplex, with input from the community, will develop a Specific Plan for the campus. The Specific Plan will determine the appropriate long-range uses for the campus and recommend strategies for Fairplex activities. The Specific Plan will replace the existing zoning and include environmental and traffic studies. For more information on the Fairplex Specific Plan, please visit our Specific Plan website.
  • Mitigation Fund –The Fairplex Mitigation Fund Advisory Committee was created in agreement with the City of Pomona, to identify new City revenue from Fairplex events to fund public safety measures and initiatives to specifically respond to concerns from the residents in neighborhoods surrounding Fairplex. The use of the funds is advised by a committee of residents most impacted by Fairplex events, as appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and a representative from Fairplex and Los Angeles County. The group meets quarterly to discuss how to use Mitigation funds for the betterment of the community. The Pomona City Council will have final authority over how and in what fashion funds are administered. For more information on the Fairplex Mitigation Fund Advisory Committee please visit the City of Pomona website:
  • Events at Fairplex – The Agreement will allow Fairplex to host six music events through August 2025 with attendees capped at 10,000, 20,000 and 40,000 per the terms of the Agreement. These events will generate revenue to pay for the Specific Plan and the Mitigation Fund.

This Agreement will be instrumental in developing a combined vision for the future of Fairplex as an economic engine for all of Pomona and a place that celebrates the best of Southern California.

Next, Fairplex and our community partners can start crafting a long-term land-use plan that benefits all elements of our community. This sets Fairplex and Pomona on the right course and is as significant as when the Pomona City Council of 1922 decided to hold the first Fair.

Neighborhood Response System Line

Phone: 909-263-3304


Community Engagement Team


General Information

Phone: 909-623-3111