Setting the Gold Standard

For decades the Los Angeles International Competitions have bestowed gold medals to the best wines, spirits, olive oils and dairy products from around the globe, showcasing the winners at the LA County Fair. In fact, the Dairy Competition celebrated its centennial anniversary along with the Fair itself in 2022.

Now in its 84th year, the Los Angeles International Wine Competition has showcased the finest domestic and international vintages through a wine-tasting event that is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious in the United States. An esteemed panel of judges use a blind-tasting method, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism that has remained the competition’s foundation. 

Sixty years after the wine competition’s conception, the addition of the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition was a perfect fit. The extra virgin olive oil competition celebrates its 24th anniversary in 2023. Back in 2000, wine competition organizers were looking for a way to expand the competition. The marriage of extra virgin olive oil and wine was natural. Both require a distinguished palate, both have distinctive varietals, both are important to serving the perfect meal. At its inception, the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition enlisted an impressive list of judges to taste the finest domestic extra virgin olive oils. The competition was eventually opened to international oils, with oils coming from Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

Since introducing a spirits category in 2007, the LAISC has set the standard for judging distilled beverages. Judges award medals to the best spirits from around the world.

The competitions are the foundation for an extensive education program that’s available to more than 600,000 paid visitors to the LA County Fair. Public wine tasting began in 1968; in 1998 a wine education center opened, complete with consumer-driven classes, tastings and a display of the award-winning wines. Extra virgin olive oils, spirits and dairy products add to the consumer experience. The Los Angeles International Competitions are committed to educating the public, featuring industry experts with extensive knowledge about selection, tasting and food pairings.


2023 Competition Calendar

Entry Deadline – Friday, January 13

Shipping Deadline – Friday, January 20

Competition Judging Day – Tuesday, February 7 – Thursday, February 9

May 5-29, 2023: LA County Fair
Display of all award winning wines and extra virgin olive oils in the competition. The tasting of gold medal wines and extra virgin olive oil tasting. Education seminars featuring award-winning wines and extra virgin olive oil in the Los Angeles International Wine, Beer & Spirits Marketplace.

June 2023: Cheers!
A special public event celebrating the winners of the Los Angeles International Wine, Spirits and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competitions.

2023 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Entry Form


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Past Olive Oil Judges

Darrell Corti – Darrell Corti of Sacramento, Calif., is a wine merchant/grocer, President of Corti Brothers, Sacramento. He is a long-time judge at the Los Angeles County Fair beginning in the early 1970s. He is Chairman of the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.

PierPaolo Arca – PierPaolo Arca has been a Taster of Olive Oil since 1991; Panel leader since 1997; Expert Olivecultural Sector of “Regione Sardegna”’ Technical Co-ordinator “Comitato Concorso Nazionale Montiferru” olive oil from 1994 to 2011; Member of Jury of the regional selection “Concorso Nazionale Ercole Olivario” in 1995/96/97/98/2000/01/04/05/06/10 and Panel Leader in 1999/2003/2007/2011; Member of the National Jury “Concorso Nazionale Ercole Olivario” in 2000; Member of International Jury of the “Premio BIOL – International Competition Organic Olive Oil from 1997 – 2011; Member of jury of SOL D’Oro International Olive Oil Verona 2003; Member of International Jury of the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition fromn 2008 – 2015; Member of Internaitonal Jury of the Japan Olive oil Prize in 2014 and 2015; Coordinator for Sardinia guide Extravergini olive oil Slow Food from 2002 to 2016 and the Presidio Slow Food Extravergini by olive groves.

Maria Farr – Maria Farr is an olive oil judge and sensory taster. The founder of The Renaissance Kitchen, a company whose mission it is to educate the home cook on how to purchase, store, cook and taste olive oil. She began training for olive oil sensory tasting at UC Davis, while continuing her career as a high school Spanish teacher. Now she solely focuses on olive oil sensory tasting with Applied Sensory, LLC, and consumer education through her business and blog. Maria resides in California but frequently travels to Argentina, her birth place, to visit with family and enjoy her cattle ranch.

Richard Gawel – Richard Gawel is a consultant taster and blender for a number of Australian olive oil companies. He was the inaugural head of Australia’s first recognized tasting panel and has been a long time appointee as presiding judge of most of the major Australian Olive Oil shows including the Australian National.

Orietta Glanjorio – Orietta Gianjorio is a certified 3rd level Advanced Sommelier and a certified olive oil taster part of the Italian Registry of Olive Oil Tasters and Experts. She holds a 2nd level certificate as a Qualified Chocolate Taster from the Istituto Internazionale Chocolier, and a 2nd level certificate as an Expert in Honey Sensory Analysis from the Italian Registry of Experts in Honey Sensory Analysis. With only one test remaining, she is on her way to becoming one of only two people in the USA to be certified as an expert in honey sensory analysis. She collaborates with the California Olive Oil Council Taste Panel and the Applied Sensory Taste Panel, the Honey and Pollination Center and Mars Chocolate UC Davis Chocolate Taste Panel. Orietta is the owner of ORIETTA LLC, a consulting company on sensory evaluation and descriptive analysis to the wine, olive oil, chocolate and honey industries that also offers Consumer Education, Gourmet Tastings and Cooking Classes for adults and children. Orietta is the Delegate in Sacramento for the Italian Academy of Cuisine. She is the author of A guide to Olive Oil and Olive Oil Tasting and two children’s books about olive oil and tasting, Coratina and Come Visit The Teeny Tiny Town of Taste. Orietta was born and raised in Rome, and now resides in California. Orietta has judged in different wine, olive oil, honey, chocolate and cheese competitions including the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, Biol (Puglia, Italy), Sol D’Oro (Verona, Italy), and The California State Fair Cheese Competition. She has written, produced and hosted several TV shows in Italy and America and is a regular guest on many TV stations as a food and wine taster and expert.

Jean-Xavier Guinard – Jean-Xavier Guinard is Professor of Sensory Science at the University of California, Davis. His research investigates the sensory and non-sensory determinants of food preferences, choice, purchase and intake and optimizes the sensory and nutritional quality and consumer acceptance of foods, beverages and other consumer products. Jean-Xavier has conducted extensive sensory and consumer research on olive oil and he created and directed the UC Davis Olive Oil Taste Panel for several years.

Maria Luz Hurtado – Maria Luz Hurtado is an Agricultural Engineer, PhD, graduated from the University of Chile. She began her studies and specialization in the area of olive oil in 2003, in different countries like Spain and Italy. In 2004 she took over as Director of Oil Production and received her diploma in the aforementioned university. She became an expert as a Tester in Olive Oil and has been working for more than 14 years in olive oil research at the University of Chile.

Sue Langstaff – Sue Langstaff has a Master’s degree in Food Science from the University of California at Davis where she studied Sensory Science, Enology and Brewing. Sue has judged wine, beer and olive oil at numerous competitions and her research in Sensory Science has been published in several technical journals. Sue is co-editor of the book Olive Oil Sensory Science (Wiley/Blackwell, 2014) and is the creator of The Defects Wheel for wine, beer and olive oil. Currently, Sue works as a sensory scientist for her own consulting company, Applied Sensory, LLC which provides sensory consulting to the food, wine and beer industries. Sue is also the North American Global Sensory Manager for FlavorActiV, a company which provides sensory taste panel training and reference standards.

Julie Menge – Julie Menge began her tasting career as an in-house taster for Dole Packaged Foods, evaluating pineapple, fruit, and packaged food products while she was employed as an R&D chemist. Her background includes biochemical and field research at Texas A&M Department of Soil and Crop Sciences/Texas Ag Extension Service. In the late 90’s she began tasting olive oil with UC Davis to improve the quality and standards of US produced olive oil. She was a founding member of all California internationally certified olive oil taste panels and currently serves as a panel member, judge in olive oil competitions, and teaches olive oil tasting classes.

Harold McGee – Harold McGee writes about the science of food and cooking, and has been a frequent judge for the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition since 2007. He started out studying physics and astronomy at Caltech and then English literature at Yale University. In 1984 he published On Food & Cooking: The Science & Lore of the Kitchen. Twenty years later, the revised and enlarged edition of On Food & Cooking was named best food reference of 2004 by the James Beard Foundation, and in 2008, Time Magazine named him to its annual list of the world’s most influential people. From 2006 to 2011 he wrote a monthly column for The New York Times. Since 2011 he has been a visiting lecturer in the Harvard University course “From Haute Cuisine to Soft-Matter Science.”

Manuel Moriana – Manuel Moriana is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) expert who graduated from the University of Jaén, after completing EVOO courses and tastings at centers throughout Spain. He managed his family’s agrobusiness operations across southern Spain during the last decade, and his training led him to work as an EVOO expert in New York City and travel the world tasting different EVOO varieties. He is a member of the Savantes Associate Register.

Marino Uceda – Marino Uceda Investigator Titular of the Andalusian Institute of Investigation, Panel Chairperson and the Technical Director of the Proper Title of the University of Jaen. Marino is the University expert in Tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Coordinator and a participant of 41 projects in the field of the extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Mercedes Uceda Maza – Mercedes Uceda Maza has her MS in Biology and is a very qualified taster from the University of Jaen, Spain. Mercedes is an Environmental Technician in Sustainable Development during 5 years in the Experimental Station “Las Palmerillas”, Almeria, Spain. She participates in courses of olive oil tasting from UNIA in Baeza, Spain and Evora, Portugal.

Pablo Voitzuk – Pablo Voitzuk is an olive oil maker and taster, working as an independent consultant, with projects in California, New Zealand and Turkey. A native from Buenos Aires, he learned his skills in olive oil and table olives curing working with Apollo Olive Oil and studying in Tuscany with Dr. Marco Mugelli and in Sardinia with Pier Paolo Arca. He has judged in different olive oil competitions; he is a regular at The Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Fair and Japan Olive Oil Prize, in Tokyo, Japan. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Paul Vossen – Paul Vossen has an MS degree from UC Davis in Horticulture (Tree Crops Production), a Certificate in Olive Oil Production from the U of Córdoba, Spain; Panel Head Certificate from the IOC; and a Certificate in Marketing from UC Berkeley. He recently retired as the UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Farm Advisor in Sonoma County after 36 years. His primary expertise is in the areas of fruit tree, berry, and specialty vegetable culture; pest control; and marketing of farm products. He helps farmers with the evaluation of their land, production costs, selection of appropriate specialty crops, cultural practices, pest control and advises on selling their produce. Over the years, he coordinated 15 California Olive Oil Production Short Courses and taught 28 Olive Oil Sensory Evaluation Courses in the US and internationally. He was a founder of the California Olive Oil Council, UC Davis Olive Center and he developed the first olive oil taste panel in the USA to become recognized by the International Olive Oil Council in 2001. Paul has been the panel leader for the UCCE olive oil taste panel in Santa Rosa, CA. He serves as an olive oil judge at several US and international competitions. In retirement, Paul now works as a private consultant helping producers all over the world to produce and market the best olive oil possible.

Past Package Design Judges

Flori Cadematori – Flori Cademartori is a graphic & fashion designer from Southern California. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where she received her Associates of Arts degree in Fashion Design. She currently owns, designs and manages a mens’ clothing company named Anenberg.

Brad Markley – Brad Markley is a self-taught artist and figurative painter. He has received numerous awards from the Pomona Valley Art Association and other organizations. He lives in Southern California and is a store artist at Trader Joe’s.

Jolie Ross – Jolie Ross is a printing consultant with an emphasis on label and packaging design and production. She has been in the printing trade for over 35 years, with a brand knowledge or print techniques and application. Jolie assists on company branding and design for product line re-vamps, marketing projects and brand launches.

Entry Forms

How to enter

  • Determine the oil(s) you wish to enter.
  • Note entry deadline and entry fee.
  • Determine Division and Categories.
  • Complete the online entry form once available.

Shipping Deadline: January 20, 2023 

Ship or deliver your oils with entry form and entry fees to:

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition
1101 W. McKinley Ave.
Pomona, CA 91768

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Award-Winning Oils

Thank you to all of the producers who participated in the 23rd Anniversary Los Angele International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition. The 2022 Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition received 517 extra virgin olive oils from 246 producers. There were a total of 7 Best of Show Awards, 35 Best of Class Awards, 125 Gold Medal Awards, 143 Silver Medal Awards, and 90 Bronze Medal Awards. Sabino Leone, Caotina, Don Gioacchino, D.O.P. Terra di Bari, Italy received the Marco Mugelli Award. The 2022 competition received extra virgin olive oils from Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Morocco, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.

2022 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Award Winners

Competition AwardsDownloadable Medals
2022 Awards By MedalBest of Show
2022 Awards By Country

Best of Class

2022 Awards By Division ClassGold
2022 Awards By ProducerSilver
2022 Packaging Design AwardsBronze
2022 Special AwardsPackage Design Gold
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