At the La Pet Fair, we’re dedicated to working with reputable breeders and other vendors to bring you access to a wide variety of exotic pets. Our shows not only give you access to your favorite animals but also provide a wide variety of educational opportunities, and a chance to check out the latest supplies.

At our shows it’s easy to finally find the perfect pet to bring home and have the chance to speak with an experienced vendors who are happy to offer advice in regards to your new pet. We’re happy to foster a welcoming, informational, and comfortable show where you and your family can have a blast exploring the wonderful world of Pets! Its like going to the zoo but your can take your new pet home with you!

Bird Super Show

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly high with the Bird Super Show? If you are an avid bird lover or looking to bring a new feathered friend home, then this live expo is just for you! At the Bird Super Show, we showcase pet birds of all kinds, from the most beautiful and vibrant parrots to the tiniest and cutest finches. Our super show gives you access to thousands of bird vendors, top-notch aviary supplies, and everything you need to create a comfortable and healthy home habitat for your bird to be happy in! This is not just any ordinary pet expo; we make it possible for our visitors to browse almost any bird you can think of!

Aquarium Super Show

Are you a fish lover? Do you enjoy spending hours mesmerized by the dreamy movements of colorful aquatic creatures in their habitat? If your answer is yes, then there is no better event for you than the Aquarium Super Show! This annual expo brings together fish enthusiasts from all over the world to celebrate the beauty and diversity of aquatic life. Whether you’re a newcomer to the aquarium hobby or a seasoned pro, this event is the perfect opportunity to learn new things, shop for the latest gear, and connect with like-minded people. So, hop into your scuba gear and let’s dive into the fun!

Succulent Super Show

Are you a lover of everything green and flowery? Do you get excited at the sight of blooming flowers? Then buckle up, because we have a treat for you! The Succulent Super Show is here to offer you an experience of a lifetime. This live expo is a paradise for all flower lovers, with access to thousands of flower vendors and all the supplies you need to create a comfortable and healthy home habitat. Get ready to indulge in the most amazing flower display in the world! The Succulent Super Show is an event that captures beauty in all its glory. Thousands of vendors will be present at the expo, showcasing their finest and rarest succulents. You will be spoilt for choice at this event, as there are all kinds of flowers on display, from easy-to-care for flowers to exotic ones that you won’t find anywhere else! Take this opportunity to marvel at the beauty of these exotic plants and add them to your collection!

Reptile Super Show

At the Reptile Super Show, the BEST reptile expo in the US, we’re all about love and passion for reptiles. With access to thousands of reptiles and all of the supplies you need to create a comfortable and healthy home habitat, we make it possible for our visitors to browse almost any reptile-related you can think of! With more than 100,000 sq.ft. of space dedicated to reptiles, amphibians, turtles, supplies, educational workshops, lighting, cages and more, you won’t want to miss out when the Reptile Super Show is in town.

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June 29 - 30, 2024


Expo Halls 4, 6 & 7




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