The WBR sanctioned event gathers American, French, and English bulldogs to participate in their traditional ribbon show and categorized trophy show. Categories include Best in show and Best Stackoff for males and females. All winners will ultimately compete for “the Undisputed Champ” award. Come out with friends and family!

Our WBR team pursues an objective educational and support to the community in the fight against cancer, since many have lost loved ones who have fought against this disease. Offering them an official sanction canine event, by giving a contribution to a foundation for people who are fighting against this disease. Therefore, the decision to undertake a registry which is legally dated as in the day of 24 of April of the year 2018, which has as main objective is the recognition and real and reliable registration in addition to ensure the rights, protection, awareness and conservation of specimens of different dog breeds. The registry is backed by a group of our specialists who will give faith of each selected specimen.

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August 3, 2024 from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.


Expo Hall 9


Gate 9 $18.00 General Parking (Credit Card Only)


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Fairplex Campus Map:

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