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Farm Dinners

Now accepting reservations for the 2019 Farm at Fairplex Dinner Series. Click here for more info.


McKinley’s Grille proudly serves the finest in New American Cuisine. Our chefs prepare menus with peak of the season freshness, using a selection of the finest farm-to-table produce grown on-site at The Farm at Fairplex. Our chefs also use the finest corn-fed beef and hand-selected poultry and fish. Our diverse wine list features medal winners from the Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits Competition.Our dishes feature fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that are cultivated year-round in our five-acre parcel, produced using only the most sustainable methods. Crops are hand-selected and hand-harvested by our team of chefs and Horticulturist Don Delano with variety, flavor and creativity in mind for every meal.

McKinley's Grille proudly serves a selection of the freshest farm to table produce. Our on-site five acre FARM features California specialty crops including fruits, vegetables, and herbs cultivated year round using only the most responsible and sustainable methods.

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